New Book Reveals: How to Turn Your Education, Expertise, and Experiences into an Online Business

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In This Amazing New Revelation, You Will Discover...

This SECRET WEAPON is the ultimate blueprint anyone can use it to make a lasting impact and sustain their mission, message, or cause.

  • The Paradigm Shift

    Welcome to the secret world of skills monetization in the digital age that allows regular people to leverage their unique talents to create a passion business online and live or work whenever, wherever, and with whomever they want.

  • The 7-Step Framework

    Now matter your niche or industry, with Chance’s proven system and strategies, you can finally take what you’ve already learned, mastered, and love to do and create highly profitable products, programs, and services online.

  • The Success Studies

    Chance has studied over 110 of the top six and seven-figure earners and presents some of them in this book and course. Get inspired by the stories of regular moms, teachers, students, doctors, ministers, veterans, CPAs, and more to monetize your skills online.

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What Others Are Saying ...

Take a chance with Randrick! His book: Monetize your skills is perfect for anyone wanting to take what you know and turn it into cash in your bank account."

Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory Attract Customers Now

"The real-life stories contained in this book serve to demonstrate and inspire anyone that they too can join other successful entrepreneurs and live life on their own terms. Regardless of background, education, or skill set, the entrepreneurial journey is open and waiting for all who are courageous enough to leap into its rewarding waters. If you haven't already considered becoming an entrepreneur, this book will leave you encouraged to do so!"

Sue Whyte
Sue Whyte 360 Abundance

The interviews that you have done are engaging, impressive and fascinating! Truly educational and revealing looks behind the scenes with entrepreneurs that provide ideas, information and motivation for anyone seeking to explore and achieve this way of life and work!

Your own personal story is equally valuable and for me, personally meaningful. It is really all about Freedom to be yourself and in the process, to be of Service to other people--it is a vision of making a difference in the world."

Roberta Lee Tennant, M.A.
Roberta Lee Tennant, M.A. Editor-in-Chief, Falcon Books Publisher, Ankh Press

You can feel, clearly, that everything in the book has been well-researched. In particular, I really liked the interviews with the people that the book holds up as great successes to learn from which makes up most of the middle portion of it. Highly recommended."

John North
John North EvolvePreneur



RL Chance

Chance is a US Navy veteran, #1 bestseling author, speaker, minister, lifestyle coach, and implementation strategist. He has published 7 books, including five (5) back-to-back #1 bestsellers.

His vision is to educate, equip, and empower professionals, small business owners, ministry leaders, coaches, consultants, and aspiring entrepreneurs to monetize their skills by leveraging their education, expertise, and experiences into a 6-figure online business system. This allows them to make a lasting impact, fund their dreams, and sustain their mission, message, or cause.

He has traveled to over 25 countries and has extensive training in business management, non-profit administration, fundrasing, product development, project management, and humanitarian operations. He’s a graduate of Central Texas College, Columbia College, Andrew Jackson University, and American Graduate University.

Chance is an avid reader (his record is 75 books in 1 year) and loves soccer, writing, and spending time with his B.M.W (Beautiful Marvelous Wife), Rhonitta and their precious son, Joel. They make their home in Texas.

RL Chance, Strategic Secrets

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